Chicago Shoe Market Policy and Procedures

Show Hours

  • Move in: After 4:00pm on set-up day – booth set-up may be earlier (Director will inform before show)
  • Show Hours: First Day of Show, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm by appointment only
  • Second Day of Show, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Exhibitors: At registration, you will be responsible for your Chicago Shoe Market fees. These fees must be submitted before participating in the show. You are also responsible for an Annual Member fee of $50 for every calendar year to be a Member of the Windy City Shoe Travelers Club.

Name Badges: Please wear your Name Badges on all Market days. You can pick up your name badge and other Market information at the Chicago Shoe Market Registration Desk on Set-up day or the first day of the show before 8:15 AM.

Cancellation Information: Once the Directory has gone to print, the exhibit fee will not be refunded. 30 Days prior to the market is
the deadline of any refund of exhibit fee. If you do not cancel your hotel room and do not show up, the hotel will bill you for your room as it is a guaranteed reservation.

In the event of cancellation, verbal notice must be received in the WCST Office followed by written confirmation of the same.

There will not be any refunds unless permission by the WCST Board of Directors or an emergency has occurred with the vendor.

Break Down Time: Last Day of show after 4:00 PM. A $150 fine will be imposed on any early breakdowns. Everyone must remain open until 4 p.m. on the last day of the show unless express permission has been granted to you by the Chicago Shoe Market Executive Director. Second offense may entail the Exhibitor not being invited to return to future shows.

Parking: Parking is complimentary for Retailers and Exhibitors.

Liability: Each exhibitor agrees to hold harmless Windy City Shoe Travelers Club (WCST) and the Embassy Suites Hotel from any and all liability that might ensure from any cause whatsoever, including accidents or injuries to exhibitors, their agents or employees. Exhibitors assume all responsibility for accident, injury or property damage to any person viewing his/her exhibit where such accident, injury or property damage is caused by negligence of EXHIBITOR, his/her agent or employee.
Destruction of Property: In the event that, because of war, fire, government regulation, public catastrophe, act of God or the public enemy or any other cause beyond the control of WCST, the market or any part thereof is prevented from being held, is cancelled by WCST, in its sole discretion shall determine and refund to the Exhibitor the proportionate share of the balance of aggregate exhibit fees received which remains after deducting expenses incurred by WCST and reasonable compensation to WCST, but in no case shall the amount of refund to the Exhibitor exceed the amount of the exhibit paid.

Room Assignments: Rooms are assigned on a lottery basis and date of Registration. 

Rules & Regulations
The following rules & regulation shall be observed by all Exhibitors at all times:
1. Buttonholing of customers is prohibited.
2. If a salesperson comes in from any territory to work, even one customer, in your exhibit area, they must pay the Market fee and the WCST dues. That member is responsible for any unregistered sales reps in said space. Should we find someone who has not registered, the member who applied for the exhibit space must appear at the next scheduled WCST Board Meeting and be subject to a fine up to $100 or any part thereof. This does not apply to company executives. Additionally the member applying for exhibit space must be present at the show during all published hours or the individual will be fined $100.
3. Executive Directors of WCST reserve the right at all times to clear the Market of persons acting in an objectionable manner.
4. No exhibitor is allowed to assign, sublet or apportion the whole or any part of the space allotted him/her nor exhibits therein any other goods than those manufactured and sold in the regular course of business by the exhibitor unless permission is granted in writing by the Board of Directors and the Show Director.
5. Noise level from any demonstration or sound system is to be kept to a minimum. WCST reserves the right to determine at which point sound constitutes interference with others and must be discontinued. In booth areas, all areas must be vacated with Exhibitor’s material packed, labeled, sealed, and arrangements made with Exhibitor’s shipping company for pick-up no later than 7 PM the last day of the show at which time said hall must be physically vacated.

We welcome your questions and comments! Please feel free to contact us at the Chicago Shoe Market.

Bernice VanBuhler, Executive Director
P: (331) 444-2506 F: (630) 578-0202